I admit it. I'm a silent blesser. Walking down the street, in the airport, in line at the bank, at the grocery store and in traffic. Chances are if I've come across your path in any of these circumstances--man, woman, child, plant or beast--you have been randomly blessed by me. Nothing elaborate. Just a simple thought of "bless you." Sometimes, however, based on the state of the object of my blessing and/or mine at the time, some have warranted a little more elaboration. I can't say I have any tangible evidence those I've attempted to bless saw any real benefit, if for no other reason than I never actually see them again. But how knows (SHRUG)? I know it helps me. I look at my silent affirmations as positive thoughts added to the many that circulate in our spiritual eco-systems. Maybe it helps more than I know. Try it sometime and let me know what you think.

Many blessings,