It's been four days. The celebration of Barack Obama's historic win of the Presidency is just beginning to set into the consciousness of our country. As an African American woman, I am especially proud to see him ascend to the highest position in our government. I think it is a testament to the healing we have undergone as a nation in regards to race. But I also think it represents a growing desire of the American people for more truth, leadership and inspiration from our elected officials. And although his election in itself is something that could not have been predicted even a year ago, what I am most astonished by is the reaction from the world. When Barack Obama was named the projected winner of the Presidency, news traveled around the world in an instant. Images flashed across our television screens from Germany, France, Great Britain, Kenya, Japan and Australia--all celebrating our new President and the belief that the promise of America was still alive. There was joy, hope and yes, tears from a world of supporters who did not have a vote but had a stake in our election. After the difficulty of the past years, it's wonderful to again be living up to the greatness that is America. 

Many blessings,