Overwhelmed? Welcome to the club! Unfortunately, now is the time where the novelty of the new year begins to wear off, and we slowly ease back into the busy routine of our lives. I understand firsthand. When you are an entrepreneur -- you wear 10 different hats at the same time. Combine that numerous other activities, including: making time for volunteer projects, trying to pursue a social life, keeping in touch with friends and family, exercising, paying the bills, grocery shopping, keeping your home in order, breathing, and not to mention caring for a demanding cat, and you can slow spiral out of control. Whew! It's a challenge. Sometimes I don't succeed every day in holding it all together. But I make an effort even if sometimes that effort is made from my couch in front of the TV with a jar of Nutella :). But eventually, you have to let it go. Whatever that "it" may be. I do what I can, and the rest will wait. What about you? How do you cope during these busy days?

Many blessings,