I worked with a woman many years ago who decided to change her name. She told me she was given her father's last name at birth, then after marriage, took her husband's last name. After her divorce, she kept her ex's last name for the sake of her children. When her children grew up and moved out of the house to start lives of her own, she decided it was time to focus on herself. Finding a new name would be a symbol for the beginning of her new life. So she took out a phone book and arbitrarily chose a page. She closed her eyes and then randomly picked out her new last name. I remember her seeming so peaceful and free. I met another woman at a conference who decided to legally change her name to "Digger." She had never liked the name her parents gave her so now in her fifties, she decided to change it. As she told me her story, she too seemed to share this feeling of freedom and happiness. Both of these women have stayed with me over the years. Words are powerful. There's just something in a name. Sometimes, it's equally empowering to go where nobody knows your name.

Many blessings,