Breathing is the most basic and important function in our lives. However, rarely do we give it any thought, especially during life's numerous, everyday stressors. Whether it's being stuck in traffic, calming a crying baby or paying the bills, times like these can greatly affect your breathing. At these moments, you would be surprised how a few deep breaths could significantly reduce your stress level. Deep breathing and meditation have been medically proven to reduce stress. Everyday, I start the morning with at least five minutes of meditation. And during particularly stressful times, I wear this breathe t-shirt. Everytime, I look in the mirror, it reminds me to slow down and just breathe. So now, I'm encouraging you all at some point in the day to stop and take three deep breaths, especially during stressful situations. You'll be surprised how much calmer and better you will feel afterwards!

Many blessings,