I just came back this evening from a wonderful lecture from Carolyn Myss on hew new book, Defy Gravity-Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason. I am huge fan of Carolyn's if fan is the correct word here. Over the last 10 years, I have read many of her books, viewed her DVDs and listened to her taped recordings but I had never been to one of her live lectures. This is particularly a shame because I know her Chicago/Oak Park ties, means she is often conducting them in my area. By chance, I had seen the announcement for this lecture on Hay House  and because of some recent health issues, I decided this would be the ideal first Carolyn Myss lecture for me to attend. Carolyn, like all of us I hope, continues to grow in her work. Although her books follow a progression, it's not a path that can easily deducted from the book before. Having no knowledge about her new book except from the lecture descripition on the website I registered for the lecture, I went in blind. The crowd was surprisingly large for a cold, fall evening in Chicago. We all waited patiently, listening to contemporary, inspirational music playing over the PA system for Carolyn to appear at the podium. And then she was there! Because of she is a great ball of energy and opinion, sometimes I forget how tiny she is. She's a woman who looks very at home behind a podium. She oozes "professordom." Armed with a easel pad and a glass of water, she was ready to  school us. That evening, I learned because of the times we live in, change has become both "intimate and global" and how we all are having difficulty grasping this but are feeling the pressure of it nonetheless. I learned that we have crafted an image of God who is just like us who operates by logical plans and reasons like us.  I learned that beliefs like "The Secret" suits our needs for order and quick fixes and that it keeps us from the larger, more profound growth of the soul. And that what we call a "reasonable" life is often driven by unreasonably and controlling fears. Carolyn ended her lecture with an overview of the what she calls the "seven graces" and their darker "shadows" and how both can be a pathway to healing—either by wisdom in the case of the graces or by trial and error in the case of the shadows. The most profound message I got from Carolyn was the  need to be "weightless so we don't have to wait."  To me, that means letting go off all the STUFF that prevents you from living the life you are meant to be. Once this stuff is gone, the purpose of your life will unfold for you more quickly. I wasn't able to pick up a copy of Carolyn's book at the end of the lecture. It was a perfect storm of the line was too long and my parking meter running out. But I will be making a trip to my local book store to purchase a copy. In the meantime, let me know what you think about it.

Many blessings,