Just found about about an amazing opportunity courtesy of Hay House. Hay House will be hosting a writer's workshop and Caribbean cruise—limited to 300 guests on June 6 - 13.  Learn how to get your book published by Hay House and possibly earn a $10,000 advance.  The Writer’s Workshop will include seminars with author Cheryl Richardson,  #1 New York Times Best-selling Author; Lisa Fugard, author of  the New York Times notable book Skinner’s Drift; Hay House vice president of Marketing Margarete Nielsen, who created campaigns that launched more than 30 New York Times best-selling books; and Hay House President Reid Tracy, who transformed Hay House from a publisher of three books in 1988 to one of the largest independent publishing companies in the world and the leading publisher in the self-help industry.  You’ll get the combined wisdom of more than 50 years of writing and publishing in four information-packed sessions. Click here for complete details. 

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