Dual-tasking, emailing, mobile phones and texting have created a society where we are constantly "on." We're doing too much--poorly. Only a certain amount of concentration can go so far, and we've been spreading ourselves too thin for a long time. I created my own business, MyMantra, in response to this phenomenon, asking people to slow down and reflect on what is most important in their lives. Dan Rollman, creator of the Sabbath Manifesto, also has a response to this current state of our culture. The Sabbath Manifesto is a creative project calling for individuals " to slow down lives in an increasingly hectic world."  The project consists of carving out a weekly timeout and implementing  the following 10 core principles: 1. Avoid technology. 2. Connect with loved ones. 3. Nurture your health. 4. Get outside. 5. Avoid commerce. 6. Light candles. 7. Drink wine. 8. Eat bread. 9. Find silence. 10. Give back. I absolutely love this idea! I am so in. These are simple practices that can have a world of difference on our overall health and well-being. Try it yourselves and let me know how it goes.

Many blessings,