Many of you have heard about the popular DVD, "The Secret," produced by Rhonda Byrne.  The piece focuses on using the spiritual "Law of Attraction" to create optimal experiences if your life. Although, the DVD was panned by some for its materialism, the movie is well-produced and easy to understand……which leads me to Abraham, an original teacher of the Law of Attraction principles of whom Rhonda Byrne was once a student.  Unlike “The Secret,” Abraham is a bit more complicated. Abraham is a group non-physical beings channeled through Esther Hicks. For more than 20 years, Esther and her husband, Jerry, have traveled the country holding workshops about how individuals can improve their lives using their emotions and the Law of Attraction to focus their desires—some of which Rhonda Byrne attended.Recently, I had the opportunity to attend one of their workshops here in Chicago. It was surprisingly normal. The usual friendly staff working the check-in desk. The usual freezing hotel conference room. The usual books and tapes available for purchase. Had I not had the back story, I would have assumed it was just status quo for the lecture circuit. Regardless of your feelings about the messenger, the message makes a lot of since—focus on the good things in life and ignore the bad things. And this thought pattern will open the way to more good things in your life. Well, whatever Esther, Jerry and Abraham are doing, it seems to be working—sold-out workshops, best-selling books, and even 5 star-rated iPhone apps. So the not-so-“Secret” is really Abraham. What do you think about the message of the Law of Attraction?

Many blessings,