I am not a patient person.....but I'm working on it. No other time illustrates this for me better than the change of seasons. Spring and summer are my favorite times of year. Fall and winter...not so much. The magic of my childhood love of snow has been replaced by visions of snarled, rush hour traffic and icy sidewalk navigation. These days, winter for me, unfortunately, brings the death of most living things, and fall is just its meaningless precursor. So, you would be surprised to know how eagerly I am waiting for fall to arrive. I monitor the weather daily waiting for it to hit a steady stream of 50 degree highs.  I've already changed my automatic thermostat from "cool" to "heat" making sure when the cold does arrive, I can walk into a warm home. I've been unnecessarily carrying my fall coat around with me when there's been no reason to need it yet. See my point? So why would a person who doesn't care for the Chicago's darkest season so enthusiastically prepare for it? Well, it's that patience thing. Summer is over. *Sigh.* I know it. So it's time to move on. Whatever the next season may be, it's NEXT. So let's just have at it so we can get that much closer to spring....and then to summer and then....... :)

Many blessings,