I picked up the November issue of O Magazine over the weekend. As usual, whenever I have the time to sit down and read O, I start with "What I Know For Sure," the last column in every issue. It's my favorite. In the column, Oprah writes about a theme and relates it to her own experiences.  This month's article was about finding your true calling. Now, stay with me because this part gets a little tricky.....in the article, Oprah quotes Mark Nepo, author of "Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have," as he quotes Mechthild of Magdeburg, a 13th century mystic who wrote, "A fish cannot drown in water. A bird does not fall in air. Each creature God made must live in its own true nature." Although these words were written more than 700 years ago, I think they are very prophetic for today. Mechthild is calling on us to recognize and live our own true nature. Even her use of the word "nature" itself is subtle yet compelling. We all know you can't fight Mother Nature. If it's "nature" calling, you have no choice but to pay attention.  But what if you don't know your true nature? What if it's been taught, ridiculed or ignored out of you? I've always envied those people who at age two knew they wanted to be a doctor/teacher/mother....people whose talents and inclinations pointed to a neatly wrapped profession or role in life. Or those who had a teacher/parent/coach who recognized a special talent in them that they failed to see in themselves who then guided them through the ups and downs along a path to unbelievable success. I mean, isn't this the theme of every inspirational, tearjerker in theaters these days? Well, what the heck about the rest of us? What about our callings? Through some work, I've been lucky to find mine, which you can read more about in a previous blog entry. But figuratively speaking, what of the sparrow who lives everyday in a sea of trout who longs to feel the wind beneath her wings or the salmon raised by starlings who knows something is amiss but has never seen the ocean. This is when it gets serious. We would never ask a lion to become a vegetarian or a butterfly to lay an egg. It goes against nature, and it's just not gonna happen, folks. But we often ask this of ourselves on a continual basis. For those of you who know your callings, Goddess bless you. For those of you who don't, get happenin'! I believe THIS is the real purpose of each of our lives. Find what feels as natural to you as breathing....then do it all the time. So I ask you, is your nature calling?

Many blessings,