As many of you have read or heard on the news, our economy is not on the strongest of grounds lately. Many blame individuals for taking on more than they could afford in mortgages. Others blame the greed from Wall Street for lending to them in the first place. And even others blame the government for the lack of financial regulation. I'm not sure what factors are most to blame but I detect an undercurrent of beliefs which may have affected all parties involved. And that is a drive for "more." You've heard it before......"modern society has become increasingly materialistic." But why? Don't get me wrong. I am a big fan of living well. But I also believe living well is much bigger than the "things" you can acquire. "Things" have become synonymous with happiness. So the more things you have, the happier you are. I hear a lot of blame going around but maybe, we've just been feverously seeking the happiness and success we desire in a place it can't be found. I guess it all starts with us looking in the mirror at the actions we take everyday which equate success, happiness, and well-being to things. Do you agree?

Many blessings,