Like many you, I've read Ekart Tolle's A New Earth. In fact, I've read it twice, eagerly highlighting with yellow marker as I went along. Although I am not an avid Oprah book club reader, when she first suggested the book, I decided to give it a try. I had read Tolle's previous book, The Power of Now, and I was open to hearing what else he had to say. Again, like many of you, A New Earth was an epiphany for me. I always realized there was something a little off with the way many individuals (not necessarily excluding myself) were so driven by the future, past and all things external. This book gave me a name to use to describe it--the ego. It also gave me a solution--focus on the "now." It's been about four months since in finished my second reading of the book. The epiphany has faded. Putting Tolle's words into action has been challenging. Living in the "now" is really hard! There's always something from the future or past that seems to creep into my thoughts. But I'm not giving up. And I do have my moments--when I'm walking home, and I see the wind in the trees and the birds flying in the blue sky speckled with white clouds. I am so there and peaceful in those moments. I can even let them go when I reach my front door.

Many blessings,