I've had a whole 24 hours to absorb last night's finale of Lost. This, I was hoping, would give me some space and objectivity from the emotions I experienced yesterday evening at the conclusion of the series. I was wrong. I am still as perplexed and sad as I was after the episode ended. Contrary to many Losties, I enjoyed the finale. SPOILER ALERT. I was not looking for all the questions to be answered--which were not (e.g. Where is island? Why couldn't babies survive there? What exactly is the Locke Monster?). But I was satisfied. I got what I needed--the reason for the flash sideways - a place chosen by the characters to meet up after death; the new protector of the island - Hurley after Jack; and some actual survivors - Hurley, Sawyer, Kate, Desmond, and happily and surprisingly Richard. There were so many memorable and well acted scenes. I loved it when Sawyer remembered Juliet at the vending machine. Jack remembering his own death during a conversation with his dad was particularly moving along with the scene of his actual death. You gotta love Vincent being there for him at the end. I'm a new agey type of gal. Maybe I was so satisfied because of the spiritual themes throughout the series amplified in the finale and spoken so clearly by Jack's dad, Christian Shepherd, at the very end of the episode. I'm paraphrasing but essentially it boils down to "you all needed each other, trials and all," "life after death and free-will," and of course the oldie but goody "you take the love with you." Lost is a lot like life-- you don't always get the answers spelled out for you and sometimes that's a good thing. It's good because everyone can take from it what they need to "let go and move on" which we have to do now that we've reached the end of LOST.

Many blessings,