One of my guilty pleasures this summer is OWN's new show Finding Sarah. If by chance you haven't heard about it, I'll give you a synopsis. The show is a "docu-series" following Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and former wife of Britain's Prince Andrew as she embarks on a journey with the help of Oprah's favorites, Dr. Phil, Martha Beck and Suze Orman. Together with their support, she battles to find the self-worth that has eluded her most of her life.  It's touching and surprising to see how candid she is about some of her past mistakes, notably the scandal last year where she was accused of selling access to the royals and her regrets over a failed marriage.

Last week's, episode was particularly tv-ishly triumphant. After months of training, Fergie and her trainer take a 26 mile trek through Canada's arctic wilderness to Yellowknife, the site of her honeymoon more than 20 years ago. Although Fergie might have feared for her life, we as viewers did not. The fact that a camera was there for filming and half-way through the hike, her trainer called a doctor who snow-mobiled over to check Fergie's frost bite and give the okay for her to continue gave it away. But suspense aside, she completed the trip at age 51, and she gets mad kudos for that!

One very sweet visual in the episode shows Fergie alone on the plane on her way to Canada to begin her hike. You can tell she is a little nervous and a little doubting of her ability to complete what she has agreed to do. And on her arm is a bracelet with the word "BELIEVE" written in all caps. I think this perfectly sums up the way many of us feel at the beginning of a journey--not  knowing how but believing in our ability to eventually get there somehow....which of course, Fergie did. This was just a reminder for me that whatever your personal goal may be, for bloody sake, don't stop believing.

Many blessings,