For the last week and a half, I have fielded questions from friends about my New Year's resolutions. Was it to exercise more? Start a new project? Or maybe be more spiritually tuned? Nope. Nada. They were very surprised to hear that I don't make New Year's least not anymore. I was never really a fan of resolutions even when I WAS making them. They just seemed like a societal set-up......."let's all collectively set goals and see who's left standing." Talk about pressure. Each year, there 's so much enthusiasm for resolutions in January and even February. But come March? Fizzle. Each spring, I and millions of others would have given up those 5 a.m. trips to the gym or saving for that European vacation, only to find ourselves feeling deflated for trying and failing....AGAIN.  So I stopped. Not that I'm giving up on any of my heart's desires. I just refuse to have them relegated to an abitrary, set point in time. Take that, resolutions! I'm finding much more value in doing my best to live each day with mindfulness and purpose, which I have not doubt will get me a lot closer to reaching my goals than my resolutions every would have. Try it. You might like it. Oh, and wishing you the best 2011 possible filled with love and prosperity!

Many blessings,