For the last several months, like many of you, I have been shocked by the fall from grace of spiritual guru James Arthur Ray.  What the heck happened? Just a few years ago, he was taking the world by storm as a contributor to the new thought DVD phenomenon known as the "The Secret." He was even on Oprah for goodness sake. And now, he's been arrested for manslaughter because of the deaths of three individuals who attended one of his sweat lodges.   ABC's Nightline has been following the James Arthur Ray case closely, interviewing family members of the deceased and his former employees. There are always three sides to a story—his, yours and the truth. But his response or lack there of immediately following the deaths is not making him look so good. So again I go back to my original question, what happened?!?  All I know is that I found him to be sincere in "The Secret." But when he showed up on Oprah, something had changed. I can't put my finger on it but his teeth were just a little too white. Maybe ego got the best of him. Maybe he started believing his own hype. Maybe we're we all just fooled by this former salesman from the beginning. Maybe he has been wrongly accused.  The truth will come out. It always does. Until then, I will be waiting.

Many blessings,